Download APK Adresi FIFA 22 ( NEW )

Are you looking for super fun game recommendations in 2021? Now, there is an exciting game, FIFA 22, which you can use on Android devices and now there are a lot of people who want it. So now it’s no wonder that this game has a lot of people looking for it.

This game is one of the games that is currently still not officially released by the developer. However, if you can’t wait to use the latest version of the FIFA 22 game, you can directly download it via the official Adresion Apk or you can also use the link below.

For now, there are so many games that there are already a lot of Android Emulators that can be used to play Play Station Games with the same experience, for example, the PPSSPP Application which is currently busy. But, for those of you who use the latest version of the FIFA 22 game, you no longer need to use the Android Emulator.


Apk Adresi or commonly known as Apk Andresi is one of the sites commonly used to download various games and applications easily and quickly. This site itself can easily provide one of the games that has not been released this year, namely the FIFA 22 Mod For Android game.

Because the FIFA 22 game itself is still not officially presented on Android devices, however, now you can easily download it via the Adresion Apk which is already available for free via Android devices. If you have wanted to use the game, you can go directly to the link below.

About Game FIFA 2022 Apk

FIFA 2021 or what is currently commonly abbreviated as FIFA 22 is one of the games currently being developed by a third party called Mustaf Game 19. The FIFA 22 game itself can be used directly by you easily using only an Android device. And you can also play this game offline.

By having a file size of only 800 MB, this game already has a graphic design that is much better than before, not only that but there are still several other features such as having a newer manager mode. Because all transfer modes in this game can be adjusted to the 2021/2022 season. That way when you play this game it’s much more fun.

This year’s soccer game, FIFA 22 is the most up-to-date and compressive game to use. Because now there are several game studios such as Electronic Arts, Ea Sport, and there are still others that have announced the latest versions of soccer games.

Latest FIFA 2022 Game Features
By using this game, you can immediately enjoy various main features that are much different from the previous version. And here we will add some of the main features in this latest FIFA 22 game.

1.Play Offline

Not those of you who still have network limitations to use this game. Of course, now you can easily use this game offline without the need to use the internet anymore. So that with features like this it is easy to have fun playing this latest FIFA 22 game.

2.Football League

In this game, you can easily play the league mode, which currently has more than 30 leagues that have been embedded in the FIFA 22 game, of course, you can make this game an excellent choice for you fans of football games.

With you can win various events such as tournaments, leagues and others will get prizes in every match.

3.Better Game Mode

In this latest FIFA 22 game, you can also enjoy a variety of features and game modes that are better than the previous version which is still normal. Such as tournament series to league mode.

In the latest FIFA 22 game, it also has many more diverse stadium options.

4. Attractive Graphics

You can already compare the PlayStation 4 graphics game with the FIFA 22 graphic game, which already has graphic features that are not much different and you can see for yourself when you use this latest FIFA game.

When you use this game through an Android device, you no longer need to use other additional features such as Emulators.

5.Realistic Game

This game is made better than the previous version, because this game already has a mix of graphics and animations that are more real to see so that now it can be played on Android devices realistically.

Not only that, but in this game tooalready has game animation features and models that are much better than the previous versions.

Download FIFA 22

Download ( OBB )

Download ( Data )

How to Install FIFA 2022 Game
Then how about installing the FIFA 22 game? Well, for those of you who still don’t know how. So, please follow the steps below.

  • First, please download the FIFA 22, OBB, DATA game via the link above.
  • Thenthe next step you can go directly to the Settings menu, then look for security options and activate Unknown Sources.
  • If so, then you can immediately find the Apk file in the Download Folder menu.
  • Thelast stage, please, you can directly click and hold the application file, then click the Install option.
  • Then wait only a few minutes until the installation process is complete.
  • If the application is already available in the main menu, then you can immediately use it,

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